Getting Your Body Groomed for the SUP Board

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Getting Your Body Groomed for the SUP Board

Getting Your Body Groomed for the SUP Board

Here’s a short guide for getting ready for the beach and your SUP board after a winter spent on the sofa eating pies and watching Netflix.

Shed Your Winter Jersey

There are no exact rules for body hair however a wild unkept pelt is never a good look, especially for the surfboard. So if you’re one of those guys that looks like he’s dressed even when you’re naked then we suggest you do some manscaping.

Yes that’s trimming the hair all over your body. You can find a good guide for this at

In any case, what you’re looking for to get the job done is a good hair trimmer.

If you love pain then you can always go for the fully body wax …. Ouch!!!

Skin Tone

A pre-beach tan makes your body look healthier and leaner, and so if you’re a white as Casper, we suggest you go for a fake-tanning session.

Choose a knowledgeable spray tanner who will manage to slim you down with some strategic shading. Alternatively you can always try a self-tanning lotion or spray. Just make sure you apply lightly so you don’t end up with a comedy movie situation.

Save Your Skin from the Sun

Save your skin and face with pre- and post-sun products. A decent Sunscreen will protect your precious outer layer. Make sure you hit all parts of your body and let it absorb in the skin well before going in the water. At least 20 minutes before.

Drop some weight

Go for a workout right before the beach session so that the adrenaline boost works at the right time. Do higher reps with less rest time between sets.

A sauna session will help you sweat out your body’s extra water retention before you hit the beach. This takes time tough and therefore you will have to have enough time for this before going to the beach.

Eat plenty of dark leafy greens and protein.

Hit the Board

Still not convinced you’re looking half way decent, well then you have two options;

Cover Yourself with a wet suit. This is necessary in winter however might be uncomfortable in the hot summer months, especially since the aim of your SUP session is to be on top of the board more than in the water!

Go far from the beach shore and away from prying eyes.

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