Review of The Carlisle Standard Paddle

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Review of The Carlisle Standard Paddle

The Carlisle Standard Paddle is for all-around recreational use and is designed for all levels of paddler. It offers a wide blade for power strokes and a T-grip handle for a secure hold. The vinyl-clad outer shell increases durability and protection with UV resistance.

For a low cost, the Carlisle Standard Paddle offers all-around performance and a very durable construction. It is not the lightest paddle out there but for the price, I found no lighter with an aluminum design.

Personal Views and Experiences

I purchased the Standard Paddle for several reasons. First, I was looking for an inexpensive alternative to use in shallow fast moving rivers where there could be potential damage from rocks. In addition, if I were to lose the paddle in fast moving rivers, it would not be too much of a loss compared to a higher end wood paddle.

In addition, I was looking for a back-up paddle for my longer overnight canoe camping trips. Again, the paddle would serve for use in shallow fast moving water with the risk of potential damage as well as having a back up paddle on hand.

Currently I really have nothing negative to say about this paddle as it performs better than expected. No, it does not offer high performance and it is not the lightest, but that is not what I was looking to gain from a $30 blade.

I have used the Carlisle Standard Paddle in various waters and conditions. The paddle provided a powerful stroke in deep quiet water and strong durability in fast water with shallow rocky bottoms. It was used in lakes from large to small, secluded ponds, fast rivers and calm flowing creeks. At times when playing around with technical strokes, I was able to use the paddle for more than just the basics.

The aluminum shaft is completely coated with a vinyl-clad shell providing a more comfortable grip rather than holding bare aluminum. I have used many aluminum paddles over the years, and the Standard proved to be far more superior. For an aluminum paddle, it is fairly light, lighter than expected.

Although I prefer to hold a contoured grip handle, I do like having the T-grip handle for use in fast moving water. It provides a more secure handhold and it is also helpful when poling through shallow water.


For such an inexpensive paddle, the Carlisle Standard offers a highly durable construction and for aluminum, it has a light weight. The Standard is a great all-around use paddle and for all levels of paddlers. For the beginner this is a great start, and for the novice it is an in-expensive alternative to trashing expensive wood or is good enough just to have a second paddle on hand.

The vinyl-clad shell is durable, UV resistant and offers a comfortable grip. For what I was looking for in a cheap paddle, the Carlisle Standard exceeded all expectations. I firmly believe this paddle to be superior in its class.


  • Durability
  • Comfortable to hold (for an aluminum paddle)
  • A lot for the price


  • Not the lightest (compared to wood)

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